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    A bountiful blend from the regions of Brazil an d Colombia. Key flavor notes include Chocolate, Nutty, Honey, Vanilla.

    Process: Blend

    Farm: Brazil & Colombia

    Brazil: The Brazil Parceiros do Café is a fantastically approachable, yet delightful coffee. A truly versatile and engaging offering, it exhibits a wide spectrum of flavors. From notes of almond brittle and vanilla in its lighter interpretations to fudge and Medjool dates in its darker forms, this coffee can really cover all the bases. Across all roast levels, this coffee does an excellent job of maintaining body, texture and sweetness. We recommend serving as a sweet and hearty batch brew, or as a balanced shot of espresso with notes of fudge and peanut brittle that pair excellently with milk.

    Colombia: The Colombia Magia del Campo is a pleasantly approachable, yet vivacious coffee that covers a spectrum of flavors that are sure to please all types of coffee drinkers. In its lighter registers, we experienced wonderful notes of vanilla, tangerine and nougat. While its darker counterparts exhibited an array of notes from cherry cordial to rich blackstrap molasses with a round and juicy body. We personally think that this coffee shines as a single cup pour over, or as a rich and velvety shot of espresso that pairs beautifully with milk.

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    coffee beans

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    Encompass Coffee Roasters

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